Thank you for your interest in Metsystem and our mission to

Detect cancer metastasis 

before it happens

We can treat preventatively and create better patient outcome. 
METSYSTEM is developing a cancer metastasis prognosis platform capable of predicting cancer metastasis risk accurately to guide preventative treatment. With an accurate risk assessment and drug screen we can guide preventative treatment and create better patient outcome.


Silja Heilmann
Chief AI Officer @ Metsystem
Innovating Personalized Cancer Treatment

Elevating patient care through AI-driven precision medicine.
Deciphering images of patient-derived cancer organoids to produce personalised treatment strategies.
Join us in the fight against cancer, one pixel at a time.

Assistant Professor at Institute for Cellular and Molecular Medicine
(ICMM), University of Copenhagen

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Metsystem are recreasing micro-metastases ex vivo by growing patient-derived cancer organoids.

The growth of these cancer organoids contain a wealth of information including their metastatic potential and their response to drugs. We use predictive neural network to track thousands of individual cancer organoids and measure their growth and response to drugs over time.

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METSYSTEM is a danish company in the lead of cancer metastasis screening and prognosis tool development. We are here to set new terms for treatment of cancer by getting the lates technology on detecting metastasis growth available to lead doctors and researchers in this area.

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